Solano County COVID-19 updates – now reporting only on M-F

By Roger Straw, March 29, 2020

UPDATE: See today’s latest information

Even in a declared emergency, County staff gets a much-needed weekend off

Solano County Coronavirus Updates and Resources, March 28, 2020

The Solano County coronavirus page ( was altered yesterday.

The “Number of cases” button previously read “Updated daily at 4pm.”  Sometime after 4pm on Saturday, March 28, the text below the button was changed to “Updated Monday to Friday at 4pm.”

The County updated the number of cases on Saturday March 21, but starting yesterday, the Solano public will no longer get weekend updates.

The Johns Hopkins interactive map shows no change for Solano County from Friday’s total of 34 cases.  Presumably, that map is dependent on reports from County officials – OR, there was no change on Saturday.

Neither the State of California coronavirus page, nor the California Department of Public Health’s coronavirus page show County numbers .  (Public health offers a Local Health Community Transmission Map.  This map (at right) shades in all counties reporting cases, but does not show any numbers.)

I guess we can all just take a break from the important and frightening details for a few days.  Stay home and stay safe!