Solano County COVID Dashboard – delayed until around 8:45pm

By Roger Straw, December 8, 2020

UPDATE – The missing Solano County COVID dashboard update was finally posted at around 8:45pm tonight.  See my summary and analysis: Pandemic exploding in Solano County – 5 new deaths, 203 new infections overnight.

Solano County posts a daily COVID-19 update every weekday.  The update is supposed to appear online by 4pm.  Rarely does it appear later than 6pm.

I spend an hour every evening as soon as the County’s report appears, posting my summary and analysis.  As of 7pm today, there is no update on the Solano COVID-19 dashboard.  The latest report is dated December 7 at 4pm.

For my regular readers – I have other business to attend to, so this notice is all you’ll get tonight.  Sorry, please check back in the morning.