Solano County COVID numbers this week: average of 37 new cases every day

Friday, June 26: 24 new cases today, no new deaths. Since the outbreak started: 1,118 cases, 101 hospitalized, 23 deaths.

Compare yesterday’s report, Thursday June 25:Summary

  • Solano County reported 24 new cases today, total of 1,118 cases since the outbreak started.  This past week Saturday-Friday, Solano reported 258 new cases, an average of 37 per day.
  • No new deaths today, total of 23, no new hospitalizations, total of 101.
  • Solano reported 22 fewer ACTIVE cases today, total 250.
  • Testing – Solano county reported 431 residents were tested since yesterday’s report.

Solano’s new Public Health Dashboard design has 2 tabs

The County’s new Public Health Dashboard design includes a second tab (panel), the “Details / Demographics” tab (shown here).  Note that both tabs are user interactive – hover over a chart (or tap) to get details. On the Details/Demographics tab, most of the charts have a small additional tab showing the rate per 100,000.   Go there and explore the two tabs.  (Expand a chart by clicking the small button in its upper right corner.)


The County has added an important new feature: a Seven day moving average chart.  The chart is “The average of the number of laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Solano County residents over the past 7 calendar days, by the date that their specimens were collected.”  Here is today’s chart, with a 7-day moving average of 28 new cases per day, up from 26 yesterday This chart shows a significant rise in the average number of cases during mid-June, tapering off only a little here at the end of June.


  • Youth 17 and under – 1 new case today, total of 88 cases, only one ever hospitalized11 days ago, there were only 40 cases among this age group – we’ve seen 48 new cases in 11 days!  I continue to be alarmed for Solano’s youth.  Cases among Solano youth have increased in recent weeks to nearly 8% of the 1,118 total confirmed casesThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention puts the figure of coronavirus-infected kids younger than 18 at around 4% of those with the disease.  Our youth are testing positive at almost double the national rate!
  • Persons 18-49 years of age – 16 new cases today, total of 634 cases.  This age group represents 57% of the 1,118 total cases, by far the highest percentage of all age groups.  The County reported no new hospitalizations among this age group today, and no new deaths.  Total of 27 hospitalized at one time and 2 deaths.
  • Persons 50-64 years of age – 3 new cases today, total of 231 cases.  This age group represents 21% of the 1,118 total cases.  No new hospitalizations today, total of 34 hospitalized at one time.  No new deaths, total of 3 deaths.
  • Persons 65 years or older – 4 new cases today, total of 164 cases.  This age group represents 15% of the 1,118 total cases.  No new hospitalizations and no new deaths today.  Total of 39 hospitalized at one time and 18 deaths.  In this older age group, 24% were hospitalized at one time, a substantially higher percentage than in the lower age groups And this group counts for 18 of the 23 deaths, or 78%.


  • Vallejo added 4 new cases today, total of 460.
  • Fairfield added 11 new cases today, total of 360.
  • Vacaville added 5 new cases today, total of 150 cases.
  • Suisun City added 2 new cases today, total of 70 cases.
  • Benicia remained at 25 cases.
  • Dixon added 1 new case today, total of 38 cases.
  • Rio Vista and “Unincorporated” are still not assigned numerical data: today both remain at <10 (less than 10).  1 new case was evidently in this group today, unaccounted for among the other city counts.  The total numbers for other cities add up to 1,103, leaving 15 cases somewhere among the 2 locations in this “<10” category (one more than last reported)Residents and city officials have pressured County officials for city case counts.  Today’s data is welcome, but remains incomplete for folks in Rio Vista and unincorporated areas of the County.
  • The “Rate” column shows the rate of positive COVID-19 cases (per 100,000 population) for each city.  Benicia is leading the way here, with a rate of only 90.7 cases per 100,000. Compare with other Solano cities in the chart, and note that the CDC reports today’s rate in California at 494 per 100,000 (up from 481 yesterday).  Johns Hopkins lists the overall Solano County rate at 245 (up from 238 yesterday).


Cases, hospitalizations and deaths by race/ethnicity – Solano County, June 26
Incidence rate, hospitalization rate, and death rate (per 100,000) by race/ethnicity – Solano County, June 26

The County report on race / ethnicity data includes case numbers, hospitalizations, deaths and Solano population statistics.  There are tabs showing a calculated rate per 100,000 by race/ethnicity for each of these boxes  (second image above).  This information is discouragingly similar to national reports that indicate worse outcomes among black and brown Americans.  As of today:

  • White Americans are 39% of the population in Solano County, but only account for 25% of cases, 23% of hospitalizations and 23% of deaths.
  • Black Americans are 14% of Solano’s population, and account for 13% of cases, but 29% of hospitalizations and 36% of deaths.
  • Latinx Americans are 26% of Solano’s population, but account for 36% of cases.  They account for 24% of hospitalizations and only 14% of deaths.
  • Asian Americans are 14% of Solano’s population, and account for 12% of cases and 15% of hospitalizations (down 1% from yesterday), but 23% of deaths.


The County’s new and improved Coronavirus Dashboard is full of much more information, too extensive to cover here on a daily basis.  The Benicia Independent will continue to summarize daily and highlight a report or two.  Check out the Dashboard at