Solano County details from Gov. Newsom’s Watch List, June 29 2020

By Roger Straw, June 30, 2020
See July 1 update: Solano County among 19 California counties ordered to close bars, indoors restaurant seating and more

First below is an excerpt from the CA Dept. of Public Health’s Watch List, detailing recent increasing hospitalizations in Solano County and “key action steps” that Solano is taking in coordination with the State.

Below that is a detail from the State’s County Data Chart, showing Solano County among those counties with increasing hospitalization rate of >10%.  On June 29, Solano shows a 23% increase in 3-day avg COVID+ hospitalized patients.

[See also coverage in the SF Chronicle: Coronavirus cases climb, Bay Area counties pause reopening. Also on KQED: Solano County on State’s COVID-19 Watch List after Spike in Hospitalizations.]

County Data Monitoring

Step 2: Targeted Engagement with CDPH
County Data Chart
California Department of Public Health, June 29, 2020

Solano County (has variance) is increasing hospitalization. Drivers include a large outbreak among farm workers in the vineyards in Sonoma and Napa who are residing in Solano, as well as an ongoing surge in cases related to family gatherings and other social gatherings on the weekends.  The farm worker cases total many dozens over the past one to two weeks, and the close-contact cases appear to have begun with weekend activities in early May and are continuing to the present.  The large number of such cases overall is resulting in an increase in hospitalized cases.  These cases are not at present resulting in a strain on the hospitals or in ICU admissions but the county is monitoring this closely.  County reports that hospitals in their jurisdiction have multiple levels of surge capacity for hospitalizations and for ICU admissions, if these become necessary. Key action steps include: working with the neighboring counties and with the vineyard management companies to implement social distancing measures; 2) educating the workers themselves (using Spanish interpreters) on social distancing measures; 3) providing appropriate cautionary messages through social media and the press about the risks of gatherings, not social distancing and not using personal protection measures.

County Data Monitoring

County Data Chart
June 29, 2020

Elevated Disease Transmission Increasing Hospitalization Limited Hospital Capacity
Threshold <150 Case Rate >100
Case Rate >25 AND Positivity >8%
>10% Increase <20% ICU Beds Available
<25% Ventilators Available
County Avg # tests per day (per 100,000 population) (7 day average with a 7 day lag) Case rate per 100,000 (14 days) Testing positivity (%) (7 day average with a 7 day lag) % Change in 3-day avg COVID+ hospitalized patients % ICU beds currently available % Ventilators currently available
Solano 185.4  ✔ 23.5