Solano County grade for Social Distancing – lowest in Bay Area

Coronavirus: Bay Area Social Distancing Graded by County

NBC Bay Area, by Kris Sanchez • March 31, 2020

For anyone wondering how the Bay Area is doing overall in terms of social distancing, there’s a map for that.

Data company Unacast used cellphone data and demographics to create an interactive map with social distancing grades by county.

Here’s what the map indicates for the Bay Area and California:

  • Eight of nine Bay Area counties get an “A” for staying put.
  • Best: San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara counties saw a more than 60% decrease in distance traveled.
  • Solano County fared the worst but still receives a “B” with a 37% decrease in distance traveled.
  • Overall in California, urban counties are faring better at staying put and rural counties are seeing more movement.