Solano County playing with fire: opening nail salons, massage establishments and tatoo shops… but with detailed restrictions

Nail salons, tattoo shops can reopen Friday in Solano County

San Francisco Chronicle, by Matt Kawahara, June 16, 2020
Dr. Bela Matyas, Public Health Officer for Solano County Health and Social Services, on Thursday, February 27, 2020.
Dr. Bela Matyas, Public Health Officer for Solano County Health and Social Services, on Thursday, February 27, 2020. Photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez / The Chronicle

Nail salons, massage establishments, tattoo shops and other personal care services will be allowed to reopen in Solano County on Friday, county officials announced.

State officials last week cleared personal care operations to resume this week in counties that have qualified for faster reopening. Solano County’s health officer amended the county health order to allow those businesses to open Friday if they meet a series of safety guidelines.

Personal care services also include facials, waxing, skin care and cosmetology services, piercing shops and electrolysis.

All businesses will have to meet state guidance for personal care services. That includes face covering requirements for staff and customers, frequent cleaning and disinfecting of facilities and physical distancing except when services require close contact.

Certain services must also follow specific guidance. At nail salons, for example, workers should wear disposable gloves and consider wearing a face shield during procedures, while customers should not be allowed to receive multiple services in a single visit.

At body art shops, customers must wear face coverings throughout a tattoo or piercing service and chairs should be arranged to allow six feet of space.

All businesses must implement screening measures for coronavirus symptoms and post signs reminding customers and employees to stay home if they feel unwell, physically distance and wear facial coverings in public.

“The personal care service industry includes touching a client’s face or skin in most instances, and therefore we need to take the necessary precautions,” Solano County health officer Bela Matyas said in a statement.

“We encourage businesses to start developing their reopening plans right away, giving them time to prepare their employees, facilities and workstations for customers, helping reduce the spread of COVID-19 disease in Solano County.”

Solano County’s amended health order also allows professional sports to resume training and competitions without fans, effective immediately, under health protocols.

Facilities must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and have adequate supplies of personal protective equipment for athletes, coaches, staff and vendors, according to the updated order.

Officials in Solano County have reported 687 total cases of the coronavirus and 23 deaths. As of Tuesday, the county had 70 active cases and 14 patients in hospitals, according to its website. It was reporting a 4.04% positive rate out of nearly 17,000 people tested for the virus.