Solano County sees 6 new COVID deaths and 89 new cases over the weekend

By Roger Straw. March 22, 2021

Solano County Coronavirus Report
Monday, March 22, 2021

Solano County saw six new COVID deaths over the 3-day weekend.  All six were 50-64 years of age.  Most of our deaths since the outbreak began (78%) have been over 65 years, so today’s report is unusual and possibly somewhat alarming.  The County also reported 89 new positive COVID cases, an average of 30 of our neighbors each day. The virus is still on the move.  Stay safe, folks, get vaccinated, wear a mask!

FOR THE RECORD: Screenshots from Solano County COVID Dashboard on Monday, March 22:

The screenshots above are from today’s Solano County COVID-19 Dashboard.  The Dashboard is full of much more information and updated weekdays around 4pm.  On the County’s dashboard, you can hover a mouse or click on an item for more information.  Note the tabs at top for SummaryDemographics and Vaccines.  Click here to go to today’s Solano County Dashboard.