Solano County stay-at-home extension order less restrictive than multi-county Bay Area extension order

By Roger Straw, April 3, 2020

On March 30, 2020, Solano County extended it’s COVID-19 shelter-at-home order through April 30.  The next day, on March 31, six of the San Francisco Bay Area’s nine counties joined in a similar order, extending the shelter-at-home order until May 3, and adding new requirements and restrictions.

Many thanks to Benicia resident Ralph Dennis, who responded to my request for a comparison of Solano County’s extension order with the multi-county Bay Area extension order.

Here is Ralph’s analysis:

The multi-county Bay Area shelter-in-place extension includes at least 7 new directives that are not specified in Solano County’s April 30th extension order.  The Solano order does not specifically state the following closures and restrictions:

    • playgrounds
    • dog parks
    • use of shared public recreational facilities
    • sports such as soccer
    • most residential/commercial construction
    • funerals limited to 10 people
    • food take out businesses must have social distancing protocols
    • essential businesses must scale down

The multi-county Bay Area extension also lists certain businesses considered essential that do not appear in the Solano County order:

    • service providers enabling residential transactions
    • funeral homes/cemeteries
    • moving companies
    • rental car companies
    • ride share services

While none of these “essential businesses” are explicitly named in the Solano County directive, they could be implied in paragraph 1.b.i., “All services needed to ensure the…health, safety and welfare of the public.”