Solano, Napa and Marin COVID-19 cases spike in month of June

Chart shows increase in coronavirus cases, deaths by Bay Area counties

KRON4 News by: Tristi Rodriguez, Jul 2, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Confirmed coronavirus cases are increasing at a threatening rate in the Bay Area and throughout most parts of the United States.

Four U.S. states — Arizona, California, Florida and Texas — reported a combined 25,000 new confirmed coronavirus cases Thursday as the infection curve rose in 40 of the 50 states.

This spike just ahead of the 4th of July holiday weekend, prompting concerns as county officials encourage their residents to stay home.

In just a little over a month, cases have climbed in the Bay Area. As of July 2, the confirmed number of cases neared 26,000.

The chart below shows the percentage of the increase in cases and deaths by county from May 31 to July 2.

The data was retrieved from each respective county health department.

Napa, Solano and Marin counties saw the largest spike in cases.