#StopOilTrains Week of Action! July 6-12th

Two emails, first from Ethan Buckner and a second from Vanessa Tsimoyianis …

From: California Oil Trains Network
On Behalf Of: Ethan Buckner
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2016 1:03 PM
Subject: Sign on: #StopOilTrains Week of Action!

With recent delays on decisions in SLO and Benicia, now is a more critical time than ever to demonstrate the power of our movement here in California to stop oil trains and keep extreme oil in the ground.

Last year, we had 12 amazing actions that drew over 2,000 people all across the state. Can we make that happen again???

Here’s a challenge: respond now and let everyone else know what you’re planning in your community. The first group to get an action up on the map at stopoiltrains.org gets beer from me!

Excited to make this happen together!



From: Vanessa Tsimoyianis
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2016 12:57 PM
Subject: Sign on: #StopOilTrains Week of Action!

Despite the threat of explosions and toxic air pollution, oil trains continue to pass through our cities and towns, by schools and stadiums, and over our drinking water sources. People have the right to know where and when these trains are running — and they have the right to say no.

This July 6-12th — for the 3rd year in a row — over 100 communities are taking the fight to #stopoiltrains to the federal and state government, and to the rail and oil industries. 

With only 7 weeks until the #StopOilTrains Week of Action, here’s how to make this year the best year yet!

Host or join an event at stopoiltrains.org.

Recruit event hosts/RSVPs via email & social media

  • Post on Facebook

This July 6-12th, we will stop oil trains. Want to host an event in your community? Sign-up at stopoiltrains.org to your event an on the map! Together, we’ll take action across North America to #StopOilTrains! (graphic attached)

Will you join us to help protect communities and the climate? Together, we’ll take action across the US and Canada to #StopOilTrains! Sign-up at stopoiltrains.org (graphic attached)

  • Tweet!

This July 6-12, we’re taking action to #StopOilTrains. Sign-up to host an event at stopoiltrains.org #StopOilTrains

This July, we’re building people power to #stopoiltrains & move beyond extreme oil. Join us —> stopoiltrains.org

Become a partner, and launch as soon as you can

  • Once signed up, you’ll be added to the Crude Awakening Network list (oilnet@googlegroups.com). You’ll receive general updates and sample content every week.

Build the Buzzzz

  • Let all the coalitions and lists you’re a part of know about the #StopOilTrains week of action.
  • Create and share content — blogs, posts, video, graphics, etc. Let us know if you need support with this!

Let’s #StopOilTrains, together.

Ethan, Alex, Vanessa and the rest of the Stand Team