Summary of news on oil trains, January 1, 2016 (Google)

Editor Roger Straw is on leave for the month of January.  Here are a few current links provided by Google on crude by rail, oil trains and the climate.

Summary of news on oil trains, January 1, 2016  (Google)

Top oil train stories from 2015
A Bloomberg analysis of federal data shows that 2015 was the costliest year for crude oil train derailments, with $29.7 million in damages — a big …

Two years after Casselton derailment, bringing hazmat training center to Grand Forks still has spark
Grand Forks Herald
He spoke Tuesday on the two-year anniversary of the Casselton oil train … Feland described a facility with an initial focus on a “crude by rail” course …

These Cute Puppies Are the Latest Casualties of the Canadian Oil Sands Crash
Alberta’s economy has slumped over the past year due to the worldwide plunge in the price of oil, which is now about half the price it was a year ago.

Danger in Dilbit
Fort Worth Weekly
A new tar sands study finds serious problems with the world’s dirtiest hydrocarbon.  Diluted bitumen, dilbit, is made from combining tar sands (tar mixed with … would have carried diluted bitumen from the tar sands quarries of Alberta, …

2016: What to Look for in Energy and Climate
Climate Central
Growth in emissions from burning fossil fuels halted in 2015 partly because of the global boom in renewable energy — a big deal for the climate …

Koch funds various interest groups
NBCC didn’t say: The study was funded by fossil fuel interests, nor that local chambers of commerce and the U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce …