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Pipeline spill in Ohio, 10,000 gallons in wetland

Repost from WLWT.com Cincinnati

5-inch break in pipe responsible for 10k gallon leak

Crews formulating plan to fix pipe

 UPDATED 8:39 PM EDT Mar 20, 2014

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio —Thousands of gallons of oil have been recovered from the pipeline leak in Colerain Township, and repair efforts can start because the break in the pipe has been found.

Crews continued their efforts to clean up the mess and minimize the environmental effects Thursday.

The work reached a milestone Monday night, as crews discovered the site of the leak. A 5-inch crack on the underside of the pipe caused approximately 10,000 gallons of oil to leak.

Officials said they cannot tell how long the leak had been going on, but residents said that they had been smelling oil since late February.

With the exact break site located, crews are working to make repairs, but that could take some time.

Colerian Township Fire Captain Steve Conn said the repair crews have formulated a plan and will submit it for approved.

“Once it gets approved, then they can start the repairs,” Conn said.

The Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency must weigh in on the repair plan.

“It could be anywhere from a day or a couple days before they get the plan resolved and ready to be implemented,” Conn said.

Crews have been working around the clock to remove the oil, which covers about an acre of wetland, officials said.

About 3,800 gallons of an oil-water mixture has been recovered by skimming a nearby pond. The work at that pond is ongoing.

There are concerns about the impact on wildlife, too.

Traps have been set to try to capture salamanders that migrate through the area, so they can be relocated away from the oil.

Conn said it shows the care that crews are taking in the cleanup effort.

“They’re paying attention trying to get this taken care of as quickly and cleanly as possible and try to get this area back to better shape than it was to begin with,” Conn said.

Officials said late Thursday night that cisterns used for drinking water by residents in the area were not contaminated and safe from which to drink.