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Solano Land Trust: We urge you to join us in voting no on the ballot measure in November

June 6, 2024 – In an email today, Solano Land Trust’s Nicole Braddock announced that the Land Trust Board of Directors voted to formally oppose the East Solano Plan, also known as California Forever. The Board urges Solano residents to vote no. Here’s the email:

Dear . . .

Nicole Braddock, Executive Director, Solano Land Trust

Solano Land Trust has also been following developments around the East Solano Plan, also know as California Forever, closely as more information about the details, scope, and size of the project have been made available. We understand our community’s need for housing and jobs and are committed to working with county partners to support inclusive solutions that maintain a healthy, natural environment including clean air, clean water, and open spaces. But a project of this magnitude is not the way to achieve this goal, and runs counter to Solano Land Trust’s mission of protecting and preserving open space for current and future generations.

The Solano Land Trust Board of Directors has voted to take a position and formally oppose the November ballot measure that would allow for the development of the East Solano Plan, also known as California Forever. A development of this magnitude will have a detrimental impact on Solano County water resources, air quality, traffic, farmland, and natural environment, and the associated pollution will be harmful to both our community and environmental health.

The area proposed for development is not a wasteland or landscape of no value. In fact, it is home to self-reliant farmland and ranchland where farmers and ranchers have grown local food for centuries. Most of these lands rely on very little, if any, irrigation, making them some of the most water-efficient farmland in the state. Also, this area is comprised of sensitive habitat and home to rare and endangered plants and animals in the region.

We urge you to join us in voting no on the ballot measure in November and protect these vital open lands.

You can see the full statement here: Solano Land Trust Press Release.

Together, we can protect our open land for today and save it for tomorrow. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Solano Land Trust.


Nicole Braddock
Executive Director

MORE . . .

>> Get involved… Solano Together is another local organization opposing California Forever. Between now and November, you can get a yard sign from Solano Together and send Solano Together a much needed donation.

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