Tell EPA: Cut Airplane Carbon Pollution

Repost from Center For Biological Diversity

Tell EPA: Cut Airplane Carbon Pollution

August 3, 2015

Airpline contrailThe EPA recently determined that skyrocketing greenhouse pollution from airplanes hurts our climate and endangers human health. But instead of fighting this fast-growing threat, the agency wants to pass the buck to an international organization virtually run by the airline industry.

If commercial aviation were considered a country, it would rank seventh after Germany in terms of carbon emissions — and those emissions are projected to more than triple by 2050. That’s an unacceptable threat to our climate.

Yet the EPA plans to just sit back and wait for another authority to take action — the International Civil Aviation Organization, which hasn’t produced a single measure to curb aircraft-induced global warming in 18 years.

The EPA has set climate standards for cars, trucks, buses and power plants — now the agency must do the same for airplanes.

Take action — CLICK HERE — urge the EPA to set airplane carbon rules now.