The Condor and The Eagle – A documentary film directed by Clément Guerra

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[Editor: See also Clément’s and Sophie’s website, The Takeoff.  – RS]

The Condor and The Eagle

A documentary film directed by Clément Guerra

In April 2014, Clément and Sophie Guerra began their epic journey here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Interviewing many of us who are working to stop Crude By Rail in our refinery towns, they have now released “The Condor And The Eagle – Mini Series – Episode 1- The Bay Area.”

After you watch this video, be sure to check out the other Condor and the Eagle episodes.

From the YouTube page:

Our project started 10 months ago in the Bay Area, CA. There is currently this feeding frenzy in 5 communities of the Bay of proposed projects to retool the refineries to receive, transport and refine dirtier bottom of the barrel oil: Bakken and Tar Sands. The communities are now coming together, ready to fight back and make sure that California won’t take part of this devastating mega projects that are Alberta tar sands. People are rising, more and more people come together. Nothing is done yet, it will take a lot of work to give the movement the kind of form that will make a difference. It’s about re-creating the foundations of an inclusive dynamic, focused on how to bring onboard those who aren’t yet.

– Pennie Opal Plant
– Andres Soto
– Marilyn Bardet
– Kalli Graham
– Ed Ruszel
– Bill Nichols
– Greg Karras
– Nancy Rieser