The Greenbelt Alliance Needs YOU To Protect Solano from Sprawl Development

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Message from the Greenbelt Alliance:

By now, you’ve likely heard of the infamous new sprawl city proposed for Solano County that plans to build over 50,000 acres of natural and working lands.

This development would be catastrophic for California’s climate goals by paving over wildlife habitat and climate resilient lands. Billionaire interests behind this proposal are using their unlimited resources to move quickly to the ballot with plans no one has even seen yet.

We have to move quickly as well to ensure that we can mobilize people power to represent the interests of the residents and natural areas that will be affected.

With your help, Greenbelt Alliance will protect and care for Solano County’s natural and working lands.

Right now, we’re hoping to unlock $50,000 in essential funding, with just a few days left to match every gift made. Please, donate now to help us protect this precious landscape and stop sprawl development.

Open space protection is what we do best. Greenbelt Alliance was founded 65 years ago by local community activists sounding the alarm on development proposals just like this that pose significant risks on iconic Bay Area landscapes.

And over six decades later, our work is more needed than ever.

Join our movement with a gift today, and help us protect Solano County lands.

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