The mayor is at it again – letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor, The Benicia Herald
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The mayor is at it again

By Jim Kirchhoffer, December 5, 2014

Dag blast it!  I got another of Mayor Elizabeth Patterson’s E-Alerts again today.

This time she was going on about the problem of record lows in our reservoirs!  And she printed out an article from the Chronicle!

I hope our alert city attorney will get her to stop making public comments about water, and force her to recuse herself from any City Council matters of water of any kind, anywhere, anytime.  To infinity and beyond.

And while the city attorney is at it, let’s not stop at water, let’s just stop her from giving any opinions at all on anything.

There’s too much information being bandied about these days, and Mayor Patterson is the source of much of it and needs to be muzzled.

Jim Kirchhoffer