Two excellent covid-19 data maps – Solano County among lowest rates in Bay Area

Vital information for city, state and national planners

By Roger Straw, April 11, 2020

In a previous posting, I shared links to the excellent Johns Hopkins coronavirus map.

Today, another great source was brought to my attention: the COVID-19 Compiler.

The Topos map begins with a map of the U.S. (right), and allows you to drill down to state and county level statistics.

I found the chart showing “Cases Per Capita (per 100K PPL)” especially interesting.  Solano County is currently reporting a rate of 27.36 cases per 100K, which compares favorably to other Bay Area Counties.

The Topos map allows for comparison using an amazing number of other factors and data points.  For instance, you can compare Solano County’s overall Cases Per Capita, 27.36 to its Flu and Pneumonia Cases Per Capita, 24.9.

Much more is available on the map.  Interesting and vital information for city, state and national planners.


“COVID-19 Compiler aims to display relevant data about the novel coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

“Our goal is to provide a multidimensional view of covid-19’s impact in counties across the US encompassing the mapping of vulnerable populations, state and local policies to reduce transmission, and data on medical / health care resources. The site is updated daily with the latest data available on the outbreak.”