“Valero Oil Trains” – to the tune of “Yellow Rose of Texas”

Here’s a great new song, lyrics by Nancy Schimmel and Bonnie Lockhart of Occupella.  For more movement songs about oil trains, see our Arts Page.

Occupella LogoValero Oil Trains

Tune: Yellow Rose of Texas
Words: Nancy Schimmel and Bonnie Lockhart
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Valero Oil of Texas
Is not the oil for me,
They want to ship explosive crude
But the people disagree
‘Cause the tank cars are not safe enough
For the North Dakota crude
And if a few tip over,
You know we will be screwed.

They plan to send a hundred cars
Each and every day
To their big refinery
In Benicia by the Bay,
This crude makes more pollution
Than we already get
They think they can roll over us
But they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Valero Oil of Texas
It’s time to get a clue
That fracked-out oil’s a menace
Besides, there’s CO2,
So in every city on the route
And every farm and town
Let’s all stand up and holler
“Leave the oil in the ground!”