Vallejo resident Ann Carr: State Senate race smears against Cabaldon show us how scared big-money special interest groups are

State Senate Candidate Christopher Cabaldon. | Kevin Fiscus /

By Ann Carr, first published in Vallejo Times-Herald on February 15, 2024

For state Senate District 3, Christopher Cabaldon is far and away the most qualified candidate. He has the experience to hit the ground running; he’s already skilled in change-making at the local, regional, state and even national level.

As mayor, Cabaldon transformed West Sacramento from a forgotten industrial town into an entrepreneurial city recognized as “America’s most Livable City.” Elected in 10 city-wide elections, and appointed to various boards by 5 California Governors and even President Obama, Cabaldon is a stand-out candidate for state Senator.

As the Mercury News said in endorsing him:

“Unlike his opponents, Cabaldon was consistently knowledgeable and articulate about the state’s budget, the volatility of tax revenues, mental health funding, minimum wage for health care workers and the state’s new incentives for housing construction.”

Cabaldon brings an impressive resume: He was West Sacramento’s mayor for 22 years, worked in the Assembly for eight years as chief of staff to the Appropriations Committee chairperson and staff director for the Committee on Higher Education, served as a California Community Colleges vice chancellor, and as president and CEO of EdVoice led an education advocacy group aimed at reshaping public education to better serve low-income groups.

Cabaldon is one of the best-prepared candidates for the state Legislature that we’ve seen this year. He already knows the policy and the process well.

Cabaldon has so much experience that it’s difficult to summarize. But a measure of his effectiveness is revealed by the big-money special interests who oppose him. So far they have amassed $342,500 to print vicious and untrue direct mail hit pieces, apparently trying to knock Cabaldon out in the March 5 primary.

Could this big money be aligned with the California Forever proposal? Cabaldon has taken a clear stand against the billionaires’ land grab, and some people are very scared! The smear campaign reflects just how good Cabaldon would be.

If you want a state Senator who will work for average people, not just billionaires and special interests, join me in voting for Cabaldon in the primary, now. Ballots are due now through March 5; the top two vote-getters in the primary will proceed to the General Election in November.

Vote on or before March 5 for Christopher Cabaldon for state Senate District 3.

*Senate District 3 includes the counties of Solano, Napa, and Yolo as well as portions of the counties of Sonoma, Contra Costa and Sacramento.

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