Vallejo resident Cookie Gordon: Supervisor candidate Dr. Rochelle Sherlock is District 2’s choice for a better Solano

District 2 Supervisor Candidate Dr. Rochelle Sherlock. |

By Helen-Marie “Cookie” Gordon, February 20, 2024

I am writing to endorse and encourage you to vote for Dr. Rochelle Sherlock for District 2 Solano County of Board Supervisors. I have had the pleasure of knowing Rochelle for over five years. We’re both members of the Solano Transportation Equity Working Group, and I have worked with her in engaging the community to identify issues and develop solutions. I can confidently say that she possesses the necessary qualities and skills to excel in this position and to continue building relationships to partner with resources for our communities and move forward to a quality of life for all.

As a resident of Solano County and District 2, I believe that it is essential to elect leaders who are committed to improving and bringing real quality equity financial and environmental benefits to support all of our community, and Dr. Rochelle Sherlock is one such leader. She has already demonstrated the commitment to public service through her decades of community work across several causes, and she continues to show up and support community events and initiatives, volunteering her time to build the capacity of the community. I believe she will continue to work tirelessly to make our community a better place.

I strongly recommend your vote for Dr. Rochelle Sherlock in the upcoming election. I am confident that she will make a positive impact and work towards the betterment of our community. Please join me in supporting Dr. Rochelle Sherlock and electing her as our District 2 Solano County Board of Supervisor. My son Christopher Gordon agrees. He represents residents who live with disabilities such as himself who lives with Down Syndrome, however they have many abilities to recognize what they want to see and experience in their communities as well.


Helen-Marie “Cookie” Gordon
Community Advocate
Chair for Solano Transportation (SOLTRANS) Commissioner VHA