Vax’n 8 – I’m NOT throwin’ away my… SHOT!

March 18, 2021
[BenIndy: Thanks to Ed Ruszel for this!  Highly recommended!  – R.S.]

“My Shot!” – a song adapted from the hit Broadway show Hamilton

Vax’n 8, a group of physicians from Northern California working in a variety of specialties in medicine, are proud to present “My Shot!”, a song adapted from the hit Broadway show Hamilton. “My Shot” addresses the social, scientific and political issues currently affecting the decision to receive the vaccine against the virus SARS CoV-2, or COVID-19. While we completely respect everyone’s freedom of choice, we as a group of physicians support and encourage everyone who can to receive a vaccine based on our understanding of both the science behind its safety, and the global imperative to bring population immunity to the point where the pandemic can finally come to an end. Contact: Follow us: @8vaxin on Instagram @vaxin81 on Twitter