Anti-Birdseye PAC receives a Halloween gift of another $15,000, total now $195,000 to buy a seat

By Roger Straw, November 2, 2018
[For PAC spending report, see ANTI-BIRDSEYE PAC SPENDS ANOTHER $58,000, TOTAL NOW OVER $135,000.]

Valero/Labor PAC for Largaespada and Strawbridge, against Kari Birdseye gets a second contribution from the Boilermakers

The Anti-Birdseye political action committee (PAC) filed a new contribution report yesterday.  This report shows another receipt of $15,000 on October 31.  This is the second contribution from the International Brotherhood of  Boilermakers (etc.).  The “Brotherhood” helped kickstart the fund with a $30,000 contribution on October 10.

This raises the total Valero-inspired anti-Birdseye fund to $195,000.  The four candidates are limited by City ordinance to less than $30,000 each.  So the PAC now has over six times the financial power than any citizen who organizes friends and neighbors to support a campaign.

For previous reports of contributions and expenditures of the candidates as well as the Anti-Birdseye PAC and others, check out the City of Benicia Campaign Finance Reports page.