Bela gives details on six new COVID deaths – questions remain

By Roger Straw, September 21, 2021
Dr. Bela Matyas, Solano County Health Officer

Fairfield Daily Republic reporter Todd Hansen receives regular updates directly from Dr. Bela Matyas, Solano County Health Officer.  The information shared goes well beyond what is reported on the County’s COVID dashboard.

In yesterday’s Daily Republic report, Matyas offered some details on the 6 newest COVID deaths and indicated that his count of the death toll from our recent surge is 31.

There were three women, all 70 or older, and three men, two 65 or older and one between 50 and 65. All lived at home and all had significant underlying health issues, Matyas said.

Two were vaccinated, taking that number during the surge to eight, Matyas reported.

Four of the six individuals were infected by family members; two apparently contracted the virus at parties, Matyas said.

So add 2 new deaths of vaccinated persons to a previous Matyas report of 6 who were vaccinated and died during this surge.  It strikes me as somewhat alarming that over a quarter (8) of the 31 recent surge deaths were vaccinated individuals.

Today’s 2 new vaccinated deaths reportedly had “significant underlying health issues.”  We are left to wonder about the previous 6 vaccinated deaths, as no further information was offered to indicate whether they had underlying health issues.

We are also left to wonder what were these underlying health issues, and how severe were they?  How sick do you have to be for COVID to overcome your vaccine protection and kill you?

Finally, in his comments, I hear Dr. Matyas continuing to justify his theory that community transmission is not public transmission.  He says the 4 of the deaths were caused via infections “by family members.”  Interesting that Dr. Matyas doesn’t go on to describe where and how the family members caught the virus before bringing it home to these poor folks.  They had to get it somewhere.  Was there contact tracing?  Does Matyas know how the infectors were infected?

And Matyas adds, “two apparently contracted the virus at parties.”  Well, same question: where did the party-goers catch the virus before bringing it to the party?  Surely not in any indoors commercial spaces, right?  Surely not at work, where our county doesn’t require masks or vaccinations, right?  Commerce first, public health and safety not so much.

Sorry for the snippy rhetorical questions.  We know Bela’s oft-repeated unscientific answers.  Aaargh…