VIDEO: Benicia City Council, March 15, 2016: Valero Attorney John Flynn surprises everyone, calls for a delay

This is a video clip of Valero’s presentation at the City Council meeting of March 15. The clip begins with a 7 minute presentation by Valero Environmental Engineering Manager Don Cuffle.  Attorney John Flynn follows, speaking for only 2 1/2 minutes, first dismissing local opposition, other attorneys and Benicia’s Planning Commissioners, and then asking Council to delay the hearings while Valero petitions the federal Surface Transportation Board (STB) for the agency’s backing on Valero’s legal argument, a process which could take three to six months.  (See also Marilyn Bardet’s analysis of Valero’s delay tactic.)

This clip runs for about 12 minutes. (On the City’s longer and unindexed video, this clip begins at minute 1:56:14. and ends at 2:08:16  Note that the video archive of the entire meeting can be found on the City of Benicia website at