CANCELLED/POSTPONED – Benicia Forum on Air Quality, Monitoring, and Human Health Risks

Email on February 14: ALERT! Cancelled/POSTPONED: BCAMP’s February 16 Forum on Air Quality, Monitoring & Public Health Risks

Hello friends, one and ALL,

We of the BCAMP board —Benicia Community Air Monitoring Program— regret to announce that our Forum “Air Quality, Monitoring & Public Health Risks”, which was to be held this Thursday at the Benicia Public Library, is now cancelled, owing to unfortunate news learned this a.m. that one of our panelists has tested positive for Covid.

We plan to reschedule the forum and will let you all know the new date and time.

Thank you for your interest! Please stay tuned!

Best regards,

BCAMP board member

By Kathy Kerridge, February 6, 2023

What do you know about the health impacts of what you breath? A forum on Air Quality, Monitoring, and Human Health Risks will be held at the Benicia Library on February 16 at 7:00 pm in the Benicia library. This is sponsored by the Benicia Community Air Monitoring Program (BCAMP) and will feature experts on air monitoring and the health impacts of air pollution. [Flyer & about BCAMP to follow…]


Benicia Public Library, Benicia, CA

About BCAMP (previously on the BenIndy)

It was a LONG time coming, and thanks to the vision, hard work and persistence of Benicia activists and volunteers, Benicia now has a state-of-the-art air monitoring station just outside the Valero Benicia Refinery.

A culmination of the more than decade-long efforts of the Good Neighbor Steering Committee and a recently established and highly effective Governing Board, the Benicia Community Air Monitoring Program (BCAMP) was unveiled to the public in a webinar on March 3rd.

Benicia videographer Constance Beutel recorded the March 3 webinar, and has produced several options for you to view now (see below).

First, however, I am so proud of my friends, neighbors and all involved, and I want to offer profound thanks:

A HUGE THANK-YOU from the BenIndy!
    • Good Neighbor Steering Committee: Marilyn Bardet, Constance Beutel, Mary Frances Kelly Poh, Kathy Kerridge, Nancy Lund and attorney Dana Dean
    • BCAMP Board of Directors: Chair David Lindsay, Kathy Kerridge, Marilyn Bardet, Nancy Lund, C. Bart Sullivan
    • Argos Scientific Team, Don Gamiles, President and Founder
    • Ruszel Woodworks, accommodating and providing the site

Five Video options – BCAMP Webinar, Mar 3, 2022

Via a zoom webinar, attendees celebrated the official launch of the Benicia Community Air Monitoring Program (BCAMP), a non profit community run state of the art air monitoring system. This slightly edited (2 hour) video captures the historic launch of this critical community resource regarding air quality.

This edited video (just over an hour) from the launch of the BCAMP community project provides an overview and introduction to BCAMP, the BCAMP Board members and zoom webinar panelists.

This four-minute video is an extract from the 3/2/2022 zoom webinar launching BCAMP in Benicia, CA. It describes the state-of-the-art air monitoring equipment that is being used.
On March 2, 2022, BCAMP was publicly launched with a zoom webinar. This 6-minute video is an extract from the panelist presentation about the partnership of BCAMP with

This 12-minute video extract from the zoom webinar on Mar 3, 2022 demonstrates the features and functionalities of the the BCAMP website: