Benicia resident Larnie Fox: Do your homework, then vote for Cabaldon

State Senate Candidate Christopher Cabaldon. | Kevin Fiscus /

By Larnie Fox, February 20, 2024

Benicia resident and artist Larnie Fox.

Benicia’s local Democratic Club hosted a Zoom meet-your-candidates event last month. Christopher Cabaldon and Rozanna Verder-Aliga were both present, and I watched and listened carefully. Christopher was attentive, well informed, and answered questions clearly. His values aligned with mine, and most of the other virtual attendees. Rozanna, on the other hand, seemed to be trying to figure out what we wanted her to say ~ a bit cluelessly. Our club easily voted to endorse Cabaldon. 

If you want to research Cabaldon, skip his campaign materials and read his Wikipedia profile. He was appointed by Obama to the National Advisory Board of America’s College Promise, chaired by Dr. Jill Biden. He did wonders during his 20+ year stint as Mayor of West Sacramento. He started college savings accounts for their kindergarteners, and he made West Sac the first city in the nation to send a letter of college admission and a scholarship offer to every graduating high school senior. He chaired the Jobs, Education and the Workforce Committee at the United States Conference of Mayors, who also awarded him and his town the “America’s Most Livable Small City” award. 

Rozanna, on the other hand, as a Vallejo City Councilwoman supported the Orcem cement plant and marine terminal ~ a project that would have polluted a low-income community, snarled traffic with 100 car trains and hundreds of semi trucks on city streets but would have created only 25 permanent jobs. The project was finally defeated by a fierce public outcry. Orcem helped finance Verder-Aliga’s council campaigns. 

On her watch the Vallejo Police Department attracted national attention for their violent culture ~ so bad that the City has declared a state of emergency and is now being sued by the State of California for failure of oversight, and by its many victims. 

Rozanna served on the Vallejo School Board for 11 years, and was its president in 2004 when the district went bankrupt. A grand jury found the school board failed in its responsibilities to stay informed and to inform the public. 

For me, it’s a pretty easy choice. You probably have been seeing plenty of hit pieces, equating Cabaldon with all things evil. The question is ~ what are they afraid of? Do your homework, then vote for Cabaldon. 

*Senate District 3 includes the counties of Solano, Napa, and Yolo as well as portions of the counties of Sonoma, Contra Costa and Sacramento.

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