City of Benicia to hold public meetings about industrial safety and oversight on March 26 (in person) and April 3 (virtual)

[Note from BenIndy: Please save the dates so you can share your ideas and opinions on the extremely important topic of industrial safety and oversight; you can visit the Benicia Industrial Health and Safety (BISHO) Working Group’s webpage at to learn more about the push for Benicia to adopt an industrial safety ordinance (ISO) from the perspective of supporters. We can’t find much from the perspective of opponents yet, although that’s sure to be coming soon. This message came from City of Benicia This Week (COBTW), a weekly newsletter from the City Manager of of Benicia that is sent out on Monday mornings so Benicians can see what’s coming up for the week and sometimes beyond. We encourage every Benician to sign up to have it delivered directly to your inbox every Monday morning – visit this page for instructions on how to subscribe. Please also note the introduction of Benicia’s new public portal for public participation,]

Industrial Safety Ordinance Development Community Meeting
Two Options: In Person or Virtual

The Benicia City Council has appointed a Council Subcommittee consisting of Vice Mayor Terry Scott and Councilmember Kari Birdseye, with Fire Chief Josh Chadwick as the appointed staff member, to create an Industrial Safety and Health Ordinance (ISO) for the City of Benicia. As part of the ISO development process, the subcommittee is conducting public outreach, gathering input from key stakeholders, and consulting with subject matter experts in the field of industrial safety.

As part of the public outreach process, the subcommittee is hosting a series of community outreach meetings. The first option is an in-person meeting at the Benicia Public Library on Tuesday, March 26. Due to the size of the Dona Benicia room, there will be two sessions of the same content: one at 5 p.m. and one at 6 p.m. Please attend only one session to allow for more participation.

There will also be a virtual community outreach meeting with the same content on Wednesday, April 3 from 6 -7 p.m. To join the meeting, visit and use passcode 162947.

To learn more about the project and the public engagement process, please visit the City’s public engagement website,