Benicia resident Ramón Castellblanch: Jackie Elward is the most progressive candidate for District 3 State Senator

District 3 State Senate candidate. Jackie Elward. |

By Ramon Castellblanch, March 1, 2024

I will be voting for Jackie Elward for District 3 state senator because what I see of the overall records and positions of the candidates, hers adds up to show me that she’s the most progressive candidate.  On environmental issues, Valero’s targeting her highlights the progressivity.  Along with other oil companies, the toxic polluter is co-financing a million-dollar televised smear campaign against Elward, distinguishing her from all her opponents.  She also has the endorsement of California Environmental Voters, a state environment group that views what legislators can do from the perspective of the state capitol.

On local planning, a KQED piece showed Elward as our only state senate candidate to unequivocally call out California Forever as an, “existential threat” to neighboring communities.  On workers’ rights, she has the support of the Working Families Party as well as the California Labor Federation.  The federation’s top agenda item is helping California workers gain the fruits of collective bargaining.  Among district 3 state senate candidates, they’ve assessed Elward as their best bet for support in this work.

Elward’s accomplishments as Rohnert Park mayor provides a track record of progressivity on affordable housing and police reform.  Rohnert Park was successful in gaining Project Homekey funds to build 60 units of low-income housing.  She also oversaw that local police received training against bias and for sensitivity and de-escalation.

Jackie Elward not only brings the perspective of a historically black college graduate, the compassion of an immigrant organizing relief for homeless children in Kinshasa where she grew up, she brings an environmental, local planning, labor, housing, and police reform record that make her stand out as a state senate candidate who would well serve progressive policymaking in the capitol.

Ramón Castellblanch, PhD
Benicia resident

*Senate District 3 includes the counties of Solano, Napa, and Yolo as well as portions of the counties of Sonoma, Contra Costa and Sacramento.

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