City of Benicia now posting copies of Valero PAC ads and phone scripts

Now available on the City of Benicia website: pictures of Valero’s disgusting ads, copies of robocall messages, and the phone scripts used by live callers

In emails on Tuesday with City of Benicia officials, the Benicia Independent confirmed that Benicia’s campaign finance ordinance requires independent expenditure committees like the Valero PAC to submit for public review copies of the literature and scripts used in their promotions.

“An independent expenditure committee that makes an expenditure for 200 or more recorded telephone calls or any other forms of electronic or facsimile transmission of substantially similar content, or that makes an expenditure of $1,000 or more for a radio or television advertisement, or that mails or otherwise distributes more than 200 substantially similar pieces of campaign literature in support of or opposition to any candidate for mayor or city council, shall give a copy of the literature or script used for each communication to the city clerk within 24 hours of the first time the mailings, calls, transmissions, or advertisements are made or aired.” (Benicia Municipal Ordinance 1.40.110).

Valero has been submitting these copies, but until now the City had inadvertently not been posting them along with the required financial forms.

The City quickly amended previous postings of Valero’s financial disclosure reports to include photocopies and scripts used to promote their candidate for Mayor and to run down mayoral candidate Steve Young.  If you have the stomach for it, head over to our VALERO PAC FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES page.  (Note that the first four documents do not have any such attachments.)