COVID-19 charts and data – Bay Area Counties and California

[Benicia Independent editor – This email was forwarded to me, and it shows important information.  However, I am unable to provide links to the “Atlantic’s daily tracker.”  The Atlantic has a lot of information on the virus, but these charts may be for subscribers only.  Many thanks to Richmond Mayor Tom Butt and Benicia Mayor Elizabeth Patterson for passing them on to us.  – R.S.]

An email from Richmond Mayor Tom Butt
Subject: FW: COVID-19 charts and data
Date: March 24, 2020 at 12:22:50 PM PDT

Interesting data………

Attached are some charts showing various COVID-19 stats. This data came from The Atlantic’s daily tracker.

Regular hospital and ICU beds are required to be reported annually to CDPH. Positive and negative tests at public and private labs are also required to be reported annually. But the number of patients broken down by County is not readily available.