Covid-19 in Solano County – three more on Tuesday, March 24

UPDATE: See today’s latest information

Solano County update on March 24, 2020

Solano County COVID-19 DASHBOARD UPDATE, March 24, 2020 – Click for a larger image.

Solano County reported a surge of 7 cases yesterday, and added 3 more today for a total of 24.  We are beginning to see the rise in the data curve as it has been experienced elsewhere.

The County’s Coronavirus UPDATE shows when those cases were tested over the last several weeks, (see “Date of specimen collection,” upper right).

The chart at bottom right, “Cumulative number of confirmed COVID-19 cases…” gives a clearer picture of the surge reported yesterday.

Also of interest on the number of cases DASHBOARD:

  • Differentiation between Total number of cases (24) and Active cases (8).
  • Total number hospitalized (7 known)
  • Proportion of hospitalizations due to COVID-19 (coming soon)
  • Total number of deaths (0 as of March 24)
  • Total number of cases by age groups (0-18: 0; 19-64: 15; 65 and older: 9)
  • Total residents tested every day (coming soon)