COVID case numbers trending higher in Solano County, most active cases since April 30

By Roger Straw, Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Solano County’s Wednesday July 14 report: 84 new COVID infections over 2 days, active cases up by 38, ICU beds at 35% available, percent positive rate rises to 10.2%.

See: All about the DELTA VARIANT.  Also, People with mild COVID can have long-term health problems.  And: More than 70% of COVID-19 patients studied report having at least one “long haul” symptom that lasts for months.”  It’s not over yet!

Solano County COVID dashboard on Wednesday, July 14:
[Sources: see below.  See also my ARCHIVE spreadsheet of daily Solano COVID updates.]
Solano County COVID-19 Dashboard – SUMMARY:

Solano County reported  84 new COVID cases since Monday’s report, an average of 42 per day!!  Note the trend: Solano County reported 1,288 new cases in April, an average of 43 per day.  In May, Solano reported 920 new cases, an average of 30 per day.  In June, we saw 751 new cases in Solano, an average of 23 new infections each day.  In the first 14 days of July we have seen 488 new cases, or 35 per day.

Solano’s 327 ACTIVE cases today is our highest since April 30 and up significantly from Monday’s 289 cases and last Friday’s 264 cases.  Our percent positivity rate was up to 10.2% today, from Monday’s 9.2% and Friday’s 8.9%.  Availability of ICU beds is at 35%, our lowest level since April 20.  COVID is definitely still out there – TAKE CARE!

Solano County reported no new deaths today.  The County total is now 245 deaths since the pandemic began.

Hospitalizations on Wednesday, July 14:

Solano County reported an intake/discharge total of 19 CURRENTLY hospitalized persons with COVID today, unchanged since Monday.  The County updates the total of CURRENTLY hospitalized cases with every report, but never reports on the cumulative total of hospitalized COVID patients over the course of the pandemic.  That total must be independently discovered in the County’s occasional update of the demographic chart labeled “Hospitalizations by Age Group.”  That chart was updated today, showing 1 new hospitalization, someone age 65+.  A new total of 1,307 persons have been hospitalized since the beginning of the outbreak, in the following age groups:

Age Group Hospitalizations % of Total
0-17 27 2%
18-49 327 25%
50-64 341 26%
65+ 612 47%
TOTAL 1,307 100%

Hospitalizations are also recorded on the County’s demographic chart labeled “Hospitalizations by Race / Ethnicity.”  The chart was updated today, adding 1 White person.  Here are the current numbers.  Interestingly, the total doesn’t square with totals by age groups.

Race / Ethnicity Hospitalizations % of Total
Asians 184 15%
Black / African American 199 16%
Hispanic / Latinx 327 27%
White 406 34%
Multirace / Others 85 7%
TOTAL 1,201 99%
Cases by City on Wednesday, July 14:
  • Benicia added 3 new cases today, a total of 1,048 cases since the outbreak began, 3.8% of its population of 27,570.
  • Dixon added 1 new case today, total of 1,959 cases, 9.9% of its population of 19,794.
  • Fairfield added 22 new cases today, total of 9,323 cases, 8.0% of its population of 117,149.  (up from 7.9%)
  • Rio Vista added 4 new cases today, total of 408 cases, 4.3% of its population of 9,416.
  • Suisun City added 13 new cases today, total of 2,376 cases, 8.1% of its population of 29,447.  (up from 8.0%)
  • Vacaville added 16 new cases today, a total of 9,062 cases, 9.2% its of population of 98,807.
  • Vallejo added 26 new cases today, a total of 10,182 cases, 8.5% of its population of 119,544.
  • Unincorporated areas remained steady for the 68th day in a row today (no increase since May 8!), total of 103 cases (population figures not available).
Solano Public Health

See latest info on California’s COVID web page.  See also the Solano County Public Health Coronavirus Resources and Updates page(Click on the image at right to go directly to the page, or click on various links below to access the 10 sections on the County’s page.)

Solano County Guidance (posted June 15, 2021)

COMPARE: From the most recent report on Solano County’s COVID Dashboard, Monday, July 12:

The data on this page is from today’s and the previous Solano County COVID-19 Dashboard.  The Dashboard is full of much more information and updated weekdays around 4 or 5pm.  On the County’s dashboard, you can hover a mouse or click on an item for more information.  Note the tabs at top for “SummaryDemographics” and “Vaccines.”  Click here to go to today’s Solano County Dashboard.