COVID19.CA.GOV on Solano County hospitalizations, 2020-11-28

By Roger Straw, November 29, 2020

The State of California’s website is an incredibly rich resource for daily updates with latest data on hospitalizations (and much more) – both for the State and by individual Counties.

Each day the State updates the numbers along with “Change from Prior Day” and “14-Day Rolling Average.”  The only thing lacking is a good archive so one can easily look back over time.  An excel file is beyond my time limits at this time, but I will take a screenshot of each day’s results and post it here.  The CURRENT data on the COVID19 website provides much more by simply hovering over various components.

Below is the screenshot showing Solano County data for Saturday, November 28.  Click on the image for full screen viewing.  (Screenshot for California is also viewable here.)