Detailed COVID data by California Counties – SOLANO ICU beds March 29 to July 8

By Roger Straw, July 10, 2020

I sometimes have trouble keeping track of all the local, county and state websites with data on the coronavirus.  And that’s not to mention the CDC and Johns Hopkins sites that drill down to the county level.

But today I found a great source for detailed archived records: California Department of Health’s Hospitals by County Covid-19 Data.

I downloaded the data and created a table showing the Solano County data, adding columns to display day-to-day increases and drops.  It’s too big to fit on this page, but you can download a PDF version or the Excel version.

In this table (PDF or Excel) you will find daily records from March 29 to July 8 on the following:

    • Hospitalized COVID confirmed patients
    • Hospitalized suspected COVID patients
    • Total hospitalized COVID patients
    • All hospital beds
    • ICU COVID confirmed patients
    • ICU suspected COVID patients
    • ICU available beds