REMINDER: Facemasks are mandatory in Benicia…and statewide!

Benicia order in effect as of June 16, California as of June 18

By Roger Straw, July 10, 2020

Face coverings is NOT A POLITICAL ISSUE – it’s for your safety and mine, and for STOPPING the pandemic.

But I see way too many people in public places not wearing face masks.  Yes, right here in Benicia.

On June 16, the Benicia City Council passed Resolution No. 20-78, A Resolution of The City Council Of The City Of Benicia Requiring the Use of Face Coverings in Indoor and Enclosed Public Spaces.  Two days later, the California Department of Public Health issued its mandatory “Guidance For the Use of Face Coverings.”

Both documents spell out circumstances and situations in which face coverings are required, as well as exceptions to the orders.  Today might be a good time to review both, and be prepared when you go out.

Be aware – as of yesterday, we had 409 positive cases of the virus in Solano County, including 40 here in Benicia.  It’s here among us, and it’s incredibly contagious.

I know… we’re all tired of the social distancing and the masks, but we need to maintain our focus to beat this thing.  Let’s all keep our politics – and our aerosol emissions – to ourselves.