Letter: Roger Straw on Benicia Lights for Liberty

Benicia Standing Strong – support for better conditions at the US border, vigil here on Friday

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Benicia Lights for Liberty - Friday, July 12, 2019, 7 PM, City Park Gazebo, First Street, Benicia, CA
Benicia Lights for Liberty – Fri., July 12, 2019, 7 PM, City Park Gazebo, 1st Street, Benicia, CA

Our daily news is overflowing on the tragic conditions at our southern border. The tv and print reporters are on it, and some of our leaders in Washington, D.C. are on it. But the Trump administration keeps on separating children from their parents, detaining, caging and even abusing desperate humans who have fled their homes and appealed to the greatness of the Land of Liberty, appealed to you and me, asking for a hearing, for asylum, for the long-held open-armed welcome of the USA.

Emma Lazarus wrote an American treasure, and we have offered it to the world: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” – As it appears on the statue of liberty, offering freedom, safety and prosperity to all the world.

The reporters and some in power are on it, but you and I find it difficult to know what to do. Join me in a moving and informative candlelight vigil this Friday at the gazebo in City Park. Our vigil here in Benicia will be one of over 600 such events across the USA and around the world on July 12, calling for an end to human detention camps, and offering ways to help effect change.

Come to Benicia City Park from 7-9pm this Friday, July 12. Gather near the gazebo, check out the information tables and the art, listen to the music and song, hear the stories of those who work with immigrants and asylum seekers, and find out more about what WE can do to help.

Thank you to all who care about this tragic situation, and all who helped organize this important event here in Benicia.

Roger Straw

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