Solano County Board of Supervisors Orders CA Forever to Produce Report on Initiative Petition within 30 Days

Update from BenIndy, June 25, 2024

In a move that surprised approximately no one, the Solano County Board of Supervisors has ordered California Forever to produce a report on its East Solano Plan initiative within 30 days, to be delivered on or about July 23.

The public comment period was respectful and measured, with a few impassioned pleas from both sides but no rowdy behavior.
Several commenters made recommendations regarding the nature of the report, although many complained that 30 days was insufficient time to complete the task.

Vice-Chair Wanda Williams and Supervisor Monica Brown also made comment regarding the report’s contents before the board voted unanimously in support of the motion.

A running tally of public comment indicated roughly equal representation for the East Solano Plan’s supporters and opposition activists. However, many of those commenting in support of the East Solano Plan appeared to be employees of California Forever as they either wore shirts emblazoned with campaign imagery or disclosed their affiliation to and financial stake in the project’s success in comment.

It was an overall positive meeting with much to consider. More coming when it is available.