Solano County election results – Monica Brown wins District 2 Supervisor race

By Roger Straw, March 4, 2020

Benicia precinct results not yet available

Monica Brown receives just over 51% of votes – wins re-election outright with no runoff in November

For detailed voting results on our local elections, the best and official source is our Solano County Registrar of Voters website.  See especially the March 3 Primary Election Results page.

An example from that page – Monica Brown currently has 51.04% of the vote for Solano County Supervisor District 2.  This percentage will hold, given that there are only 997 outstanding ballots to be processed as of today.  Monica wins with no runoff in November.

Choice Vote by Mail Election Day Voting Total
MONICA BROWN 5,653 50.08% 3,145 52.86% 8,798 51.04%
ROCHELLE SHERLOCK 3,108 27.53% 1,276 21.45% 4,384 25.43%
K. PATRICE WILLIAMS 2,527 22.39% 1,529 25.70% 4,056 23.53%
Cast Votes: 11,288 100.00% 5,950 100.00% 17,238 100.00%

Check back on the March 3 Primary Election Results page for updates each day as outstanding ballots are added to the totals.  Unless it is a close race, these updates are usually inconsequential.

For regular updates on the number of ballots still outstanding, see 2020 03 – Presidential Primary Election.

Eventually, the Registrar of Voters will post individual Precinct Results.  A link to those results should be posted on the  Historic Election Results and Files page if not on the March 3 results page.