Solano County fails to update COVID report, Friday, July 9

By Roger Straw, Friday, July 9, 2021

No COVID-19 report tonight from Solano County Public Health.

The County’s report is normally posted between 4pm and 6pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  As of 9pm Friday, no report.  Stay tuned – I will update late Friday or Saturday morning.  UPDATE: The County posted Friday’s report on Saturday, July 10: click here.

See: All about the DELTA VARIANT.  Also, People with mild COVID can have long-term health problems.  And: More than 70% of COVID-19 patients studied report having at least one “long haul” symptom that lasts for months.”  It’s not over yet!

Solano County – NO COVID-19 REPORT TODAY – you can check for an update HERE.