Solano County playing catch-up? Huge increase in COVID hospitalization numbers

[Source: Solano County Coronavirus Dashboard.  For a complete archive of day by day data, see my Excel ARCHIVE.]

Tuesday, October 27: 61 new cases overnight, no new deaths, 106 (!) new hospitalizations.
Since the outbreak began: 7,445 cases, 529 hospitalized, 76 deaths.Compare previous report, Monday, Oct. 26:Summary –  BIG NEWS – HOSPITALIZATIONS!  SEE BELOW…

  • Solano County reported 61 new cases overnight, by far the largest single-day increase since August 20.  Daily average of new cases over the last two weeks: 41.1 per day.  Total of 7,445 cases since the outbreak started.
  • Deaths – no new deaths reported today.  Total of 76 Solano deaths since the pandemic began.
  • Active cases – Solano reported 12 additional ACTIVE cases today, total of 275.  Note that only 24 of these 275 people are hospitalized, so there are a lot of infected folks out among us, hopefully quarantined.  Is the County equipped to contact trace so many infected persons?  Who knows?  To my knowledge, Solano County has offered no reports on contact tracing.
  • HOSPITALIZATIONSSolano County reported the number of currently hospitalized persons fell by 1 overnight, total of 24.
    But Total Hospitalized INCREASED DRAMATICALLY, ADDING 106 PREVIOUSLY UNREPORTED HOSPITALIZATIONS!!  This huge increase is inexplicable unless the County is updating previously held back reports.
    My speculation is that the numbers were held back from the State in order to garner a less-restrictive tier assignment.  For manual calculation of total, see age group stats below.
  • ICU BedsThe County reported a sharp decrease in ICU beds available today, down from 57% to 34%(Still no information about availability of ventilators.)

By Age Group

  • Youth 17 and under – 6 new cases overnight, total of 846 cases, representing 11.4% of the 7,445 total cases.  The County reported 7 new hospitalizations among this age group today, doubling the total to 14 since the outbreak began.
  • Persons 18-49 years of age – 31 new cases overnight, total of 4,411 cases. The County reported 43 new hospitalizations reported in this age group today, total of 179 hospitalized since the outbreak began.
  • Persons 50-64 years of age – 11 new cases overnight, total of 1,433 cases.  33 new hospitalizations reported today, total of 149 hospitalized since the outbreak began.
  • Persons 65 years or older – 13 new cases overnight, total of 753, representing 10% of Solano’s 7,445 total cases23 new hospitalizations were reported today, total of 187.

My normal COVID update is unavailable until later today – ask my endodontist why…   🙂  – Roger Straw


The County’s new and improved Coronavirus Dashboard is full of much more information, too extensive to cover here on a daily basis.  The Benicia Independent will continue to summarize daily and highlight a report or two.  Check out the Dashboard at