Terry Scott: Change is coming to Benicia

To:  My fellow Benicians
From: Terry Scott, Candidate for City Council

Now that the campaign is coming to a close, I thought I’d share my perspective on the campaign and our future:

Change is coming to Benicia as we prepare for a new Council and a new Mayor.  The process of running for office will be instantly changed to the business of running a city.

The challenges of talking about policy and acting on policy move from the philosophical and theoretical to the practical and implementable.

COVID-19 changed all the traditional ways of campaigning. Face to face became Zoom to Zoom.  Social Media became extremely fractured and reflected narrower and narrower bases and voices.

Through this unique, and mostly virtual campaign, I have been so encouraged by the engagement, spirit, and commitment of our community in the political process—for the most part.

I’m sure my fellow candidates would agree, we heard what our citizens want; we all believe in a brighter future; and, we all share a commitment of making Benicia a better, safer, welcoming place for all.

Obviously, the paths to getting there may be different.  But in reality,  when you look at the big picture,  the small town, core values of this community are our greatest strength as a City.

While we have very difficult and demanding challenges ahead of us, I believe our community will prosper and sustain itself during and after the pandemic because we are a community that shares the desire to be better.

Perhaps that’s naïve.  But for me, the campaign reaffirmed my belief that our community is solid, strong and willing to meet the challenges ahead.

I’m proud to call Benicia my home.  I’m honored and humbled by those who support me.  I respect those that don’t.

Thanks, Benicia, for your engagement in the political process.

Perhaps the legendary author on urban development and change, Jane Jacobs, said it best:

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”