Solano County Public Health: Delta strain of Coronavirus ‘spreading in the county’

Delta strain of coronavirus has been found in Solano

Fairfield Daily Republic, by Todd R. Hansen, June 23, 2021

Dr. Bela Matyas, Solano County Public Health

FAIRFIELD — Dr. Bela Matyas announced Tuesday that six positive tests of the highly transmissible delta strain of the novel coronavirus have been found in Solano County.

None of the six individuals has become particularly ill, Matyas emphasized, but he also noted that those individuals felt the need to come in to be checked.

“Nonetheless, it is spreading in the county,” said Matyas, who added that the county is testing every positive coronavirus result for that particular stain.

The details of the individuals – gender, ages and areas of residency – were not available. Nor did Matyas know whether any of the individuals had been vaccinated.

Matyas is on record as saying the best defense against the delta strain or any other coronavirus strain is to be vaccinated, and that the higher number of residents who get vaccinated, the lower the risk the virus can be spread.

The last county report shows 53% of residents 12 or older are fully vaccinated, and 65% of that population has received at least one shot…..