Summer surge continues in Solano cities, 3 deaths, with new infections and active cases reaching winter surge levels

By Roger Straw, Friday, August 20, 2021

Friday, August 20: Summer surge in Solano, report of 470 new infections today, 1,087 ACTIVE cases.  Percentage of youths increasing.

Solano County COVID dashboard SUMMARY:
[Sources: see below.  See also my ARCHIVE spreadsheet of daily Solano COVID updates.]

DEATHS: The County reported 3 new deaths today, 1 person age 50-64 and 2 age 65+.  All three were African Americans.  Total deaths now number 262.

Percentage of cases by age groups. Click to enlarge.

CASES: The County reported  470 new COVID cases over the last two days, 235 per day, highest daily increase since January 19! Case numbers show a startling increase in the PERCENTAGE OF YOUNG PERSONS age 0-17, increasing in just these past two days by 0.2% to a new high of 13.2% of total cases.  For comparison, the percentage of youth cases has increased very slowly over the course of the pandemic, starting in the low 6% numbers, and very gradually reaching 12% in mid-April of 2021.  CASES-PER DAY TREND: We are experiencing a dramatic “summer surge” now.  Cases-per-day were trending downward in the Spring, but rose rapidly in July and are skyrocketing here in August:ACTIVE CASES: Solano’s 1,087 ACTIVE cases rose again from Wednesday’s 946, up alarmingly from 212 on July 2, and higher than anything since the winter surge.

POSITIVE TEST RATE:  INCREDIBLY HIGH – much higher than US & California!  Our 7-day average percent positivity rate was down slightly today from 20.3% Wednesday to 20.1% today, still 2½ times the purple tier margin, over 4 times today’s California rate of 4.7% and nearly twice today’s U.S. rate of 11.4%[Source: Johns Hopkins]  WARNING: The Delta Variant is here in Solano County and spreading fast.  Time to mask up again – watch out and take care!  

CURRENT hospitalizations were down slightly today from 143 to 138 persons, still higher than any time since the winter surge.

ICU Bed Availability was down today from 28% to 24%, in the yellow danger zone.

Ventilator Availability was down dramatically today from 63% to a new 54%, lower than anytime since Feb. 19.

TOTAL Hospitalized The County’s Monday-Friday dashboard shows an intake/discharge total of CURRENTLY hospitalized cases (above), but never reports on the TOTAL hospitalized over the course of the pandemic.  That total must be independently discovered in the County’s occasional update of the Hospitalizations by Age Group chart.  The County updated its Hospitalizations by Age Group chart today, reporting 9 new hospitalizations, 2 age 18-49, 2 age 50-64, and 5 age 65+.  Percentages remain the same.  The Age Group chart shows a total of 2,056 persons hospitalized since the beginning of the outbreak, in the following age groups:

Age Group Hospitalizations % of Total
0-17 36 2%
18-49 585 28%
50-64 549 27%
65+ 886 43%
TOTAL 2,056 100%

Hospitalizations are also recorded on the County’s demographic chart labeled “Hospitalizations by Race / Ethnicity.”  The chart was updated today, adding 9 persons, 4 Black, 2 Hispanic/Latinx, and 3 White.  Here are the current numbers, percentages remaining unchanged.  Interestingly, the total doesn’t square with the total by age groups.

Race / Ethnicity Hospitalizations % of Total
Asians 323 17%
Black / African American 336 17%
Hispanic / Latinx 555 29%
White 631 33%
Multirace / Others 84 4%
TOTAL 1,919 100%
Face Coverings…

Good news!  Benicia City Council voted this week to move forward next week in consideration of a Citywide indoors mask mandate for all public places.  This was the first of a two-step process that will return to Council for the second step on next Tuesday, August 24.  See also California’s recent Guidance for the Use of Face Coverings.  The guidelines include a recommendation for universal masking indoors statewide, adding of Adult and Senior Care Facilities to settings where all individuals must wear masks indoors, and a reference to new requirements for unvaccinated workers.  Some California cities and counties are returning to mandatory masks for all in crowded places.  In the Bay Area, Solano County REMAINS the only holdout against even RECOMMENDING masks in public indoors spaces.  It looks like Dr. Matyas will refuse to make the difficult decisions.  Sad – and dangerous!


See info here: Post-Vaccine COVID-19 Cases by the California Department of Public Health, August 11, 2021.  From the report: “For the week of August 7, the average daily COVID-19 case rate among unvaccinated Californians is 51 per 100,000 and the average daily COVID-19 case rate among fully vaccinated Californians is much lower at 8.2 per 100,000.”  [I’m no mathematician – could it be that this 51 to 8.2 ratio suggests that one in every seven California cases is a vaccinated person?  Someone please confirm or correct me! rogrmail at gmail dot com]

Wearing masks again, social distancing & vaccination…

The “breakthrough” numbers are small in comparison to the huge surge in cases and hospitalizations among the unvaccinated, but it’s still a significant new factor.  We were just beginning to associate more freely with fully vaccinated friends and family, and now we understand that a small percentage of the vaccinated among us may be asymptomatic and unknowingly transmitting the virus, and inevitably helping spread the disease to someone who knows someone, who knows someone else, who knows yet another someone who is not vaccinated, or who is too young or too health-compromised to be vaccinated – and who may end up seriously ill or even dead!  Please mask indoors in public now, and maybe even indoors with vaccinated family and friends!  And PLEASE talk to anyone you know who isn’t vaccinated.  This thing ain’t over yet!

Cases by City on Friday, August 20:
  • Benicia added 18 new cases today, a total of 1,205 cases since the outbreak began, 4.4% of its population of 27,570.
  • Dixon added 26 new cases today, total of 2,160 cases, 10.9% of its population of 19,794.
  • Fairfield added 133(!) new cases today, total of 10,527 cases, 9.0% of its population of 117,149.
  • Rio Vista added 4 new cases today, total of 472 cases, 5.0% of its population of 9,416.
  • Suisun City added 44(!) new cases today, total of 2,738 cases, 9.3% of its population of 29,447.
  • Vacaville added 123(!) new cases today, a total of 10,125 cases, 10.2% its of population of 98,807.
  • Vallejo added 120(!) new cases today, a total of 11,416 cases, 9.5% of its population of 119,544.
  • Unincorporated added 2 new cases today, a total of 121 cases (population figures not available).

COMPARE: From the most recent report on Solano County’s COVID Dashboard, Wednesday, August 18:

The data on this page is from today’s and the previous Solano County COVID-19 Dashboard.  The Dashboard is full of much more information and updated weekdays around 4 or 5pm.  On the County’s dashboard, you can hover a mouse or click on an item for more information.  Note the tabs at top for “SummaryDemographics” and “Vaccines.”  Click here to go to today’s Solano County Dashboard.