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BREAKING: Benicia Recall Effort Falls Far Short

BUSD Trustees Sheri Zada and Mark Maselli retain confidence of Benicia residents

Facebook post, by Alan Zada, August 23, 2021
[Mr. Zada’s source for this was a phone conversation with Laura King of the Solano County Registrar of Voters office at 5pm today.]

The Benicia School Board recall against Sheri Schulman Zada and Mark Maselli is dead.  The deadline to submit the signatures was today.  The proponents of this uncalled for recall effort were only able to get 177 signatures out of the required 4,000 (only 4%).

Thank you everyone that stood up against bullying of two outstanding school board members.

Alan Zada


Massive local opposition to School Board recall effort  – detailed info at NOBUSDRECALL.com – check it out!

School Board Recall: Paid for by OUR KIDS!

The BUSD recall special election will cost Benicia School District over $300K which they will have pull from their annual general fund. Whether it’s school supplies, playground & sports equipment, enrichment activities, tech devices, books, staffing . . . our kids shouldn’t have to pay the price.
What sacrifices will our kids and their schools have to make to pay the bill? How much more will parents have to purchase for their classroom supply lists when there isn’t enough to go around?
STOP this unjustified & wasteful recall attempt. DO NOT SIGN the BUSD recall petition!