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Your 2nd COVID vaccine shot – What not to do BEFORE and what to expect AFTER…

BEFORE your 2nd shot: don’t take prescription or over-the-counter pain meds

[Editor: See also my follow-up article, Don’t take pain meds before your COVID shot?? Questions… – R.S.]

My wife received a handout AFTER her 2nd vaccination with a surprising recommendation about what you shouldn’t do BEFORE your 2nd shot.

“BEFORE THE SECOND SHOT, we do not recommend taking prescription or over-the-counter pain medications, as this could blunt the immune response.

Gosh, it really would’ve been helpful to know that before getting the 2nd dose!  We have paid close attention to the huge amount of COVID news, and we never heard this warning before.  So I thought I’d spread the word.

The recommendation comes from NorthBay Healthcare, which operates here in Solano County.

[For more detail, and some excellent research, see CBC.ca,news, Why it might be best to avoid painkillers as a precaution before your COVID-19 vaccine.]

Click the image or here to download the handout.

Northbay Healthcare: Solano County uptick due to more testing

[Editor:   Why is Solano County experiencing a dramatic upward curve of cases of COVID-19?  An email I received today from Northbay Healthcare stated that the “recent uptick in cases is due to an increase in the number of tests performed.”  The message continues, “Nevertheless, testing capability locally remains limited and we continue to test only those at very high risk.”  – R.S.]

NorthBay Healthcare logo

Dear NorthBay Patient,

We are committed to helping you and your family stay healthy during the coronavirus outbreak and to keeping you up–to–date on resources available to you locally through NorthBay Healthcare and other community sources.

We are fortunate that so far the number of people in Solano County who are sick with coronavirus and requiring hospitalization has remained low, but rest assured your local health care community is prepared should we see an increase in the coming days.

To keep tabs on the number of cases locally, check the Solano County Health Department website which is updated daily.  Please note that much of the recent uptick in cases is due to an increase in the number of tests performed. Nevertheless, testing capability locally remains limited and we continue to test only those at very high risk. 

If you are experiencing symptoms and are concerned about COVID-19 you have several options:

To protect our patients and staff, most office visits at NorthBay Medical Practices are being converted to a phone or video visit. If you have a medical concern, or need to connect with a provider for an ongoing condition, call your provider’s office. Chances are your problem can be addressed with a video or phone visit. Please do not come to the office without a scheduled appointment.

We have set up a nurse assist line for our patients who need help accessing community resources such as food, prescriptions and transportation. If you need this type of help please call our nurses at (707) 646–5799.

On behalf of the entire NorthBay Healthcare family, I want to extend our gratitude to you for continuing to shelter–at–home, maintaining social distancing and doing your part to control the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

Stay safe,

Shanaz Khambatta, DO

Shanaz Khambatta, DO
Medical Director, NorthBay Center for Primary Care