Your 2nd COVID vaccine shot – What not to do BEFORE and what to expect AFTER…

BEFORE your 2nd shot: don’t take prescription or over-the-counter pain meds

[Editor: See also my follow-up article, Don’t take pain meds before your COVID shot?? Questions… – R.S.]

My wife received a handout AFTER her 2nd vaccination with a surprising recommendation about what you shouldn’t do BEFORE your 2nd shot.

“BEFORE THE SECOND SHOT, we do not recommend taking prescription or over-the-counter pain medications, as this could blunt the immune response.

Gosh, it really would’ve been helpful to know that before getting the 2nd dose!  We have paid close attention to the huge amount of COVID news, and we never heard this warning before.  So I thought I’d spread the word.

The recommendation comes from NorthBay Healthcare, which operates here in Solano County.

[For more detail, and some excellent research, see,news, Why it might be best to avoid painkillers as a precaution before your COVID-19 vaccine.]

Click the image or here to download the handout.