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3 VIDEOS: Benicia Police join with protesters, take a knee to honor George Floyd

Youth Against Violence rally, march, and then confront Benicia Police, who join them in respect and solidarity

Three videos tell the story…

Video by Dr. Teresa Van Woy
The youth of Benicia California gather for a peaceful march following the death of George Floyd. A peaceful gathering at the gazebo followed by a march down First Street, ended up at the Benicia Police Station where officers took a knee to the protesters.

Video by Constance Beutel
Youth in Benicia organized a protest of the murder of George Floyd

Video by Elijah Harris
On May 31, Benicia youth and supporting adults protested police violence against unarmed Black citizens, following the brutal murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. After a large rally at City Park, 300 or more protesters marched peacefully down First Street, rallied some more at Marina Green, and then marched to Benicia’s Police Station. When protesters took a knee, some of Benicia’s police joined them. Eventually all the officers joined on a knee and everyone took a moment of silence. Thank you, Benicia Police! Thank you Benicia youth!