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‘We Can Do It!’ Rosie the Riveter to Receive Congressional Gold Medal in Historic Ceremony

[Note from BenIndy: Did you know that the Benicia Arsenal employed many women during WWII (and the Korean War)? We could still have some WWII Rosies here in town, and it’s a near certainty that we have several Rosie descendants residing in Benicia today. If you know anyone who is a WWII Rosie, related to one, or otherwise connected to one, check out this event. Only four hundred tickets will be issued and it looks like Rosies, their friends and their families will get priority.]

Click the image to be redirected to the event’s webpage on the Rosie the Riveter Trust website.

Rosie the Riveter Trust, February 2, 2024

RICHMOND, CA – A Congressional Gold Medal will be awarded collectively to women referred to as “Rosie the Riveter” (those who joined the workforce during World War II manufacturing the aircraft, vehicles, weaponry, ammunition and other necessary materials and services to win the war) in recognition of their contributions to the United States and the inspiration they have provided to ensuing generations.

Rosie the Riveter Trust, in collaboration with prominent organizations dedicated to honoring the Rosie the Riveter legacy, has a call to action to invite as many Rosies to Washington, DC for the presentation of the Congressional Gold Medal on April 10, 2024 at the United States Capitol.

If you know a Rosie the Riveter who is interested in traveling to Washington DC for the presentation, please fill out a registration request at Here, you can also find more information on Rosie the Riveter Trust and their mission to raise funds to support a contingent of Rosie Ambassadors and Trust staff to take part in this monumental occasion.

These women, since represented by the famous “We Can Do It!” poster that personifies female empowerment, strength, resilience, and contributions to the workforce and the nation, can now rally around this award, knowing their contributions have been honored and that “They Did It!”

Benicia Petition: STOP approval of 163 condos and apartments on Jefferson Street’s historic Officers’ Row

September 6, 2021

Benicia Arsenal Park Task Force petition would preserve Jefferson Street Officers’ Row

Hello Friends for Benicia,

Marilyn Bardet, Benicia

As a member of the Benicia Arsenal Park Task Force [BAPTF], I’m asking for your help to protect from density housing development the last precious open spaces along Jefferson Street’s Officers’ Row that date back to the Civil War era. These landscapes are central to the character and 19th century ambiance of the Arsenal Historic District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

On this Labor Day, I hope you can take a moment to read our petition and consider signing it to save these heritage sites from avoidable destruction.

>> Petition >> STOP approval of 163 condos and apartments on Jefferson Street’s historic Officers’ Row! ·

The Benicia Arsenal is central to the history of the City of Benicia from its earliest days. We believe these former military grounds deserve to become Arsenal Park for the benefit of all, to honor Benicia’s unique place in state and U.S. history, and, not least, for sake of the beauty and calm these landscapes – maintained and gardened by the army for 104 years – still offer in the midst of our industrialized lower Arsenal area.

An Arsenal Park would protect our City’s unique heritage and represent our legacy for future generations: it would be a magnet within District C for the leisurely enjoyment of residents and tourists alike. It would be central to development of heritage tourism, as envisioned by the Benicia General Plan, to derive economic benefit from our historic resources.

While we strongly support creating affordable housing in Benicia, we know there are other available parcels in town that would provide suitable and feasible locations for infill density residential. We do not need to sacrifice the heart of the Arsenal Historic District for only a few affordable housing units within a massive “market rate” condo development!

For more about the Arsenal and District C, please visit our website <>

If you sign the petition, thank you for your support of this good cause! You can help get the word out by circulating the petition to friends and neighbors, and by sharing the link to our website.

Let’s aim high, as always, together!

🙂 Marilyn

Click here to sign the petition!