Valero Crude By Rail DEIR – sections to be recirculated, released June 30, 2015

Repost from City of Benicia, CA – Valero Crude By Rail
[Editor: Not surprisingly, we will need to wait a few more months while the City’s consultants respond to the overwhelming critical comments on the first Draft of Valero’s EIR.  Thanks to all who wrote or spoke at Planning Commission hearings.  We will keep you informed when the comment period opens on the Recirculated document.  Note that once again, the City is scheduling only the minimum 45-days for comments on the RDEIR.  – RS]

Valero Crude by Rail UPDATE:

Valero_Crude_by_Rail-Project_Description_March_2013_(cover_page)The City has reviewed all of the comments submitted on the Draft EIR and has determined that sections of the Draft EIR will need to be updated and recirculated.  The anticipated release of the Recirculated Draft EIR for public comment is June 30, 2015.  The Recirculated Draft EIR will have a 45-day comment period.  After the comment period on the Recirculated DEIR closes, the City will complete the Final EIR which will include responses to all comments on the original Draft EIR and the Recirculated Draft EIR.